Team Dynamics


Team dynamics are the way teams function amongst themselves under different circumstances. Team dynamics can change both within a match and through out a season. 

Understanding your team dynamics can enable prediction and prevention of maladaptive responses under pressure. Once you have a clear picture of how your team operates, you can make strong and helpful decisions on how to move forward. 

We use progressive techniques that enhance athletes' performances on a consistent basis:

Our skills and expertise can help explain true behavioural patterns

  • Understanding athletes' responses to adversity
  • Understanding athletes' responses to success
  • Understanding the psychological mechanisms that underpin athletes decision-making

Striking the right balance for real team performance consistency

  • Understanding the inter-athlete relationship
  • Promoting a positive coach-athlete relationship
  • Promoting task focus for all athletes

Enable the right leadership skills when is counts to ensure performance consistency

  • Effective communication during adversity
  • Effective communication during success
  • Breaking down barriers that can lead to ineffective communication

We specialise in breaking down psychological performance barriers in teams and individuals, to ensure optimal behavioural consistency from moment to moment in matches, and week to week during the season.